An Ensemble-Rich Multi-Aspect Approach Towards Robust Style Change Detection


We present a supervised approach for style change detection, which aims at predicting whether there are changes in the style in a given text document, as well as at finding the exact positions where such changes occur. In particular, we combine a TF.IDF representation of the document with features specifically engineered for the task, and we make predictions via an ensemble of diverse classifiers including SVM, Random Forest, AdaBoost, MLP, and LightGBM. Whenever the model detects that style change is present, we apply it recursively, looking to find the specific positions of the change. Our approach powered the winning system for the PAN@CLEF 2018 task on Style Change Detection.

In Proceedings of the CLEF 2018 - Conference and Labs of the Evaluation Forum
Momchil Hardalov
Momchil Hardalov
Applied Scientist

My research interests include natural langauge processing, few-shot, semi-supervised and multilingual learning. I have a strong software engineering background as a Software and Machine Learning Engineer.